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Random Vent.

This morning i recieved a post on my facebook time line of a pretty cute perky earred black and tan GSD puppy, the comment was "Hey check out my daughters new Purebred King Sheppard Pup" exact spelling. This bothers me because the last dog the daughter and her on again off again boyfriend had was a wolf hybrid (ya, ya) and it was too much for them so without any though of the dogs future they threw it away on kijiji. The complaints were this, the dog pooped on the floor, well ya!!! because you did not take it out and bother to house train the poor thing. The dog chewed things, well YA! i would chew things too if my parents were essentially kids that cared more about were the next bottle of jack was coming from then taking the dog out for any kind of walk. The dog pooped and peed in his crate and was agro to other dogs, no crap! that may be because you did not have him fixed and he spent 14 hours in a crate while you spun records at a night club until 2 and stummbled home hammered. Urgh, then they get a new one? a king shep?? well, sorry to say but this one will be thrown away on kijiji faster then you could imagine. It will no doubt end up not vaccinated, not house trained, not cared for, and thrown away in a dirty crate like their last attempt at a dog.

Rant over.
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