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Hi y'all!

Let's see where to start.

I recently lost my best friend, Avery, to lymphoma. Because he was a rescue and I knew nothing about his background or history I decided to go the breeder route this time around.

So my search began. I have a laundry list of dog breeds I'd like to one day own (I mean its a really long list). But I knew for my next dog I wanted a versatile, easily trainable, solid temperament dog. I am looking to do agility, fly ball, obedience, dock diving (if I can find this locally), and even some weight pulling.

Eventually the German Shepard just seemed like the right fit. Then I had to find a breeder I agreed with. For me, the parents should be titled working GSD, health tested, have fantastic temperaments and the breeder should have a socialization plan for the puppies. Also I am a raw feeder, so pups weaned to raw is a plus. Check, check, check. Went out to meet the mom dog and the breeder, and it only confirmed, I needed a GSD.

The breeder knew this litter would be small, thinking she had only 5 pups, she was taking 5 deposits. She did x-rays to confirm. Only 3 pups! I got a little nervous, but it turned out I was one of 3 deposits (I put in a deposit for a female). The pups were born on July 12, sadly one did not make it. So then there were two, I got even more nervous...But as it turned out the only female would be mine! I am more than excited.

But then things get even more interesting. The breeder did not expect this and neither did I (I am partial to bicolor GSD's) but the female in the litter happens to be liver. I can't wait to see how her color develops!

Ok I think I've rambled long enough. I'm Lauren. I live in NY. And I will be getting my first puppy and first GSD at the end of August and I can not wait!!!

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