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Well that can't be right. Clearly these people never met my mother's Staffy who destroyed 3 fly wired doors, and 2 mesh wired doors, and also destroyed countless toys that were meant to be tough and also dug numerous holes in the backyard. However, the dog was fairly easy to toilet train which was good.

As opposed to my mother's Chihuahua who was a nightmare to toilet train. She must be ten months old and still hasn't got the hang of it. Needless to say, she hasn't really destroyed anything other then her toys which were soft anyway.

Now my White Swiss was a dream to toilet train and he didn't do large amounts of damage. He would wreck his toys, dug a few holes but that was easily solved. There were a few times when he tried to eat out of the garbage though, that was solved too. Gosh, miss him.
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