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Can we handle a GS puppy?

We just had to put our 10 year old GS dog, Krok to sleep......very hard and sad. I know we could never replace him, but I do think about in the future getting another GS. The deal is.....Krok came to us as an 8 year old retired TSA bomb dog.....trained and calm from age. It was not too hard to handle his energy needs, training etc. at that point. His handler had died and my hubby knew Krok from working at the airport--we are not likely to ever encounter another situation like that.

So I wonder about a puppy. But......I know puppies are a lot of work, especially a breed like that. I don't want to bite off more than we can chew. But we have all fallen in love with this breed thought I would honestly ask for opinions here.

We are not dog training people by nature.....however, the youngest of my 6 kids is 6 years old now so I have the time to be now (have done training classes with dogs in the past)....and my 15 year old son would be good at that and is interested. We have a fenced yard.....but the fenced area isn't that big. It's enough to get out and enjoy the weather, but not for "exercise" per se. We have a lot of property, but that doesn't count so much as it's not fenced. I do I would love a GS to run with. Wondering if that would be a good outlet.

So......tell me about the energy needs of a young GS. What would we need to do to have a well trained, well exercised dog? Well loved is easy--with 6 kids Krok was loved on constantly! lol.

I love this breed.....but I want to make sure a puppy/young dog isn't too much for us. It wouldn't be fair to the puppy if our situation wasn't enough for him. I know you guys will be honest.


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