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Originally Posted by BePrepared View Post
Okay, here's the situation. My puppy is having 100% liquid Diarrhea. This has been going on most of today. Toward the evening he began to act lethargic, but is not throwing up at all. He has eaten several times today, but seems slightly less interested in treats than he did earlier in the day.

He has had 2 parvo shots (most recent last week) so i'm desperately hoping it's not that.

Last night he got into the trash and got some cuttings from the steak i made... these were pretty much 100% fat. This is the only thing he's had that might have caused the problem as far as I know.

Advice welcome
Originally Posted by sparra View Post
Diarrhea but bright and happy otherwise.....probably a wait and see.
Diarrhea, lethargy and disinterest in treats/foods .......take your puppy straight to the vet.
Good Luck.
That's the part that's hard for me to really be sure of. He was at the river ALL DAY running, swimming and acting a fool. I don't know if the lethargy is just being genuinely tired, or if it's more.

He has eaten 4 times today, and still gets excited (just checked) about his favorite treat, but ignores the other (beggin strips) ones...

he's not refusing to eat, but he's not excited about anything but his favorite treat
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