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Originally Posted by 993man View Post
The breeder told me to feed my boy this when he was your guys age.
Get loads of vege's and whiz them up. Spinich, cabbage, carrots, whatever as long as it's green. Make a filling and shove it inside the chicken carcus and freeze. MUST be frozen then defrosted. Don't know why but she was firm about that. I also added a few drops of flax seed oil.
Sounds like your breeder had you feed your pup a raw diet. Hopefully he gets more than just chicken? Otherwise, his diet could have severe imbalances.

OP, if you are interested in doing a raw diet, there is a great raw feeding forum here that can give you all the information. Some feed greens and supplements, some do not. I personally feed prey model raw - strictly muscle meat, organ meat, and raw bone. But there is a lot of research that goes into it and the key is to have good variety over time.

Anyways, congratulations on your new pup! We would all love to see a picture of him!
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