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Well I am also new here Paul as of yesterday.
Congratulations on choosing the ultimate dog.
But you really should post a picture of your new mate !

They are an awesome breed and live to please.

Congrats mate and feed him well, but not that rubbish in a tin.
I feed my boy Bear raw chicken carcus and dry round high quality biscuits.

The breeder told me to feed my boy this when he was your guys age.
Get loads of vege's and whiz them up. Spinich, cabbage, carrots, whatever as long as it's green. Make a filling and shove it inside the chicken carcus and freeze. MUST be frozen then defrosted. Don't know why but she was firm about that. I also added a few drops of flax seed oil. This diet is amazing and they love it. It will help his bone growth a LOT and set him up to be a strong dog. Rip the carcus in half for a meal. They need feeding 3 times a day for a while at his age. Not the chook, that's the main meal. Quality biscuits in between. NO MILK. It causes itchy skin.

Bear is now 9 months old from this diet and already weighs 48 plus kilo's. Big and powerful, just the way I like him!

I'm not an expert, nor a vet or anything, but I know what I have done works a treat.
Don't let him run down stairs or jump off the back of your vehicle. There bones can't handle it and it will give them trouble later on.
Post a picture!

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