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Please say a prayer for my very sick boy :(

Our Dobie had to be rushed to the vet early this morning having gone from being perfectly fine yesterday morning to a little off colour and being seen by the vet last night to collapsing this morning. Last night when we took him to the vet, he perked up and made us look silly, although we knew he wasn't great, neither we, nor the vet could have predicted how fast he would go downhill. They now suspect rat bait poisoning, and we are in the process of trying to work out where and when..Possibly on an off-lead walk last weekend.. He has always been more of a scavenger than the GSD, so we are not surprised that he is the one who appears to have found it. GSD will have a blood test to make sure she's ok, even though she seems fine, and doesn't stray far on walks..

Anyway, we have been to see him 3 times today (vet probably getting fed up with us) and he hasn't really changed, needless to say we are worried sick.

Does anyone know what the prognosis is once treatment has started? To give you an idea how ill he was, he had 750ml of blood drained from his lungs this morning. He is 4 years old and very fit and healthy, I hope this puts him in a good position to fight this..

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