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Well, this guy is highly exaggerating.
He is literally not out much at night, certainly not "sleeping hours" after 11 pm or so. When he is, I am with him playing with his ball, yeah he lets out a few barks here and there but I shush him after a few. And this as before the incident today, I am not an irresponsible dog owner. This is my 4th shep, all of them have been house dogs. This guy has got himself into a funk and probably believes his own lies, I could not care any less if he calls the cops, a poison burger is what I'm worried about.
And like I said, I grant his points. He is overly aggressive towards them, and he does have a loud, piercing bark. When he said "a dog is a dog and can never learn and will always bark", I knew I reached a dead end trying to reason with him.
If I was vindictive I'd let him bark up a storm and even encourage it just to spite him, but I'm not. When I tell him to be quiet, I want him to be quiet and I do want him to recognize that he does not have to bark at neighbors, people he sees every day.
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