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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
Labs are generally pretty easy going. I had to pick up a shepherd today. And it's initial response was to bark and pull its owner toward me. I offered my hand a little forward palm down and limp.

It pulled its owner forward and just scraped my hand with its teeth. It wasn't a nip or a bite, and it could have.

I walked away and went to the back of my vehicle and got some pupperonies and put a few sticks in my pocket. I came back and started dropping them in the dog's direction while I talked to the owner.

When the dog started eating them, I offered them in my hand palm up. Soon he was taking them from me.

His owner went to load him up in my car, the dog would not get up into the car. I did not want to lift him in at this point, so I pulled the crate out, let him load the dog up, and then we lifted it together.

I continued to talk to the man and his sister for a while while the dog was in my car right there. Finally I drove away. I stopped at my sister's and gave him his kong and towel, and I took off the prong collar and removed the leash.

I drove on to my parents' and put a leash on his flat collar and let him out to potty. He's a puller, but I dug my feet in, and wouldn't follow. He is getting the idea. He then put his front legs up, and I picked up the rear to get him back in the crate.

When I left my parents, I brought some Kielbassa out with me and gave him a small tid bit.

At this point, I feel that we are buddies. I can open the back, let him out, put my hands in there, etc, no problem.

While talking with the dog and dropping treats, I made a conscious effort not to stare at the dog -- that seems to be taken as impolite by many dogs. It's hard not to do though. This is the type of ignoring I would encourage.
Thank you very much!


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