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So Thor is doing great he is so active but he loves his new yard. One day while I was outside playing with him I felt a large bump on his neck. Come to find out it was a tick!! Ugh! So I got the nasty thing off him and made sure to clean it up really good and checked him over for more ticks and couldn't find any. Guess what I found the next day? Another **** tick! Thor's fur is really thick so it was super difficult to find but I managed. Once I started doing a better search on him I found like three more so I decided to shave him in order to make sure I didn't miss anything. Guess what I found when I shaved him?! Hundreds of seed ticks all over his torso. There were also three mated pairs on his body and two single ticks that were pretty engorged. So two days after that and a flea and tick bath and collar later he was tick free and really seems to be loving his new "hairdo" haha! It was horrifying but he was a trooper and behaved so well while I was treating him! Now after this ordeal I've been checking every week for any fleas or ticks. Here's a pic of my now zombie looking pup lol Ticks!-imageuploadedbypg-free1402689833.702454.jpg

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