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Yes. I used them. I would recommend them if anyone was insistent on e-collar training. It was a last resort for me. I tried to exhaust other options first. But it's an effective training tool as long as it's not abused. Meaning, do exactly what the trainer says. No exceptions. Ask questions.

It's an individual choice for the owner. Every dog is different. Yours may not even need this tool. I don't know, as I don't know your situation. I would not let others feelings persuade your decision as this topic gets very spirited on this board. You have to do what fits your situation.

As far as Sit Means Sit goes, my trainer was very good at teaching us and the dog. I have a very hard dog. Positive training did not have the desired effect. So we went with Sit Means Sit. I am also going to sign up for the lifetime sessions also. Just to make sure I have an outside view making sure I am not making mistakes. Only fair to the dog if your going to use this tool. I have seen no downsides to this method with my dog. But again, that is my dog. Just follow what the trainer says to the letter.

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