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Legally what do I need to do ?(Non GSD)

Back in March after a mutual friend passed away I took in two cats on a temporary basis for a girl. She had nowhere to being them and I knew I could help for a couple months. My sister and I made it clear it could only be until mid-June. My son went to Europe to study abroad and the cats were to be gone by the time he came home. Well they are still here In May I asked her if she found alternative living situation for them and she decided to play the I didn't know it was only until June. I'm thinking okay three months is temporary ,what does she consider temporary? Then I thought ok maybe I'm crazy and didn't mention the June thing, but I went back to messages and it was mentioned, I also am positive it was talked about at the pick up. Regardless of that I did give her warning in the beginning of May. After the first two weeks she hasn't even asked about them nor has she made an attempt to visit them. She did say in May that she would just have to take them to the shelter and I got very angry. I have made every effort to keep them safe. The first night one of them pooped on a chair downstairs and that couldn't keep happening so I started sleeping on the couch with the dogs to protect my furniture, I have not slept in my bed in months. I bought an extra large litter box for the one cat because he is so huge he didn't fit in the regular ones, I did put him on a diet and he has lost weight. I'm paying for everything. This girl is now pregnant and shows no signs of getting a place that will take the cats. I texted her again today, so far nothing. Can I legally place these cats? I would never bring them to a shelter, I even have someone that might bd interested in them. Any input in the legality of it all is welcome

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