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Need to rehome 2 year old female in WI

We have made the very hard decision to rehome our 2 yo female. She is trying to be the alpha with our 7 yo male. She isn't fixed (please do not hate - we are financially having alot of issues and may end up losing our house) and can't afford to get her fixed. We have tried to go to spay and neuter clinics but we make too much and are not on any types of public assistance.

Anyway, we have tried different behavior modifications, more play time, more one on one time, everything other than hiring a trainer (which we can't afford). She is a great dog and knows basic commands and will play fetch for hours (if our arms would last that long). She has ALOT of energy. She is territorial and will bark if someone comes near the fence in our back yard and has to have a muzzle put on if someone comes in the house (this is more for our peace of mind). She hasn't bit anyone. This is why I would prefer to have a rescue or someone that is used to this type of behavior and not put her on craigslist or give her to a friend that isn't used to a GSD.

I have contacted the area GSD rescues but only a few have responded and are not able to take another rescue in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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