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Running with you buddy

Hi everyone, my pup will be born in about a month or so and one of the activities that I would love to do with my dog is run. And I was curious as to if anyone here runs regularly with their GSD.

If you do I got a couple questions:

1) What is the distance and the length of time that you run?

2) At what age was the dog when you started running with him/her and/or what age do you recommend that I start running?

***Note that I understand the next couple questions may be "run until she is tired or stops running". However, I feel like many people may push their running buddies too hard and not know it because there are no "visible signs", then an injury occurs. This is the reason why I think knowing a things like max distance / max time will give me a ball park idea of what is too strenuous and unhealthy for the dog to prevent injury and make a suitable running plan.***

3) What is the max distance / max time you recommend I run with the dog when starting?

4) What increments should I increase the distance and/or time (for example: humans should increase their mileage per week by 10% to avoid injury)? And what is should the run distance / time be capped off at regardless of age?
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