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Originally Posted by Sirius_shepherd View Post
I have fostered many dogs over the past few years, mostly labs. He was an abuse case that was owner surrendered to our local shelter. The shelter was so concerned for his health that they did not want him in the shelter at all. He was pulled and transported directly to our vet hospital. when he was ready to be released I was asked to foster him since I live closest to the vet and he needed weekly visits. Attached are his surrender picture from the shelter and one when I picked him up from the vet. Thank you all for the help. I am just glad to know this group is here to ask questions to. heart hurts for this poor fellow. People frustrate me. How do you let a dog's condition get this ba before doing something???? Its a good thing you are experienced with fosters. Perhaps in his home there were other male dogs and he had to fend for himself...who knows. I would give him time. Keep them separated for now. Let Sirus have his time to adjust and gain some weight. Let him and you other dog see eachother from a distance. Perhaps over time that will help. Thank you for fostering him : )


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