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Foster GSD bit my lab

Let me start by saying that I have never dealt with a GSD personality before and this one is very hard for me to read. When I brought him home he was emaciated and hairless. I took him and our male lab out for a walk as an introduction. All seemed fine until the next day when he attacked the lab. I have put up a 4 foot baby gate and keep him on one side and the lab on the other side. I switch them up from side to side so that no one feels isolated. I have 3 female dogs that he does not have a problem with at all and I move them between the both sides of the gate as well so that he has company. Also, someone is generally always in that part of the house as well. A few days ago he was in the backyard and the lab was sleeping in the hallway (with the gate open, my fault) when my husband opened the backdoor to let him in. He ran straight to the lab stood over him and attacked. I turned around in time to see the lab on his back with legs up in the air and Sirius grabbing his leg and attacking. I wheelbarrowed him and my husband was pulling on the lab to no avail. Eventually we were able to get him to let go but it scared the crap out of me. I am now not sure if this can be fixed. Once a dog is dog aggressive is there any hope that the behavior can be changed? I am not sure what to do...Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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