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Pure bred?

Here is our little boy Kratos. He is about 10-11 weeks old now. We were lied to when we got him from a breeder who said he was 8 weeks and we took him to the vet and she said there was no way so about a week later I contacted the breeder again and asked when his birthday was.just to make sure it was the same. It wasn't. It made him at 4.5 weeks old when we got him. The breeder said it was her last litter and was tired of them. This is from a local breeder who many have recommended to me when I decided I wanted a second shepherd. Luckily my 7month old gsd taught him the ropes and everything. But now when we go out everyone ask what he is mixed with. We have AKC papers on him but for all I know they could be fake. I was just wondering if any of you think he is mixed or purebred. I only ask because his ears are so large. They we love him no matter what but it would just be nice to know thanks everyone for your input!

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