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How do I introduce my fella to friends dog?

Ive been invited to my friends place and he used to mind my dog for me when I went away(I miss him for that so much)however he now has 2 puppy huskies and his friend sometimes has a Staffie there.My dog hasn't been to his place since he got his 2. He wants me to bring my dog, which I would anyhow as he goes everywhere he can with me to a family day out in his village.
While my dog is amazing with people and well socialised out and about,he's not amazing when it comes to other dogs. Chances are if that dog came up our road he'd play no bother but when out and he sees a dog he usually barks or lunges, depends. There were no dogs to socialise him with when a puppy or classes as I live rural and people were too afraid of him also.
How should I deal with this when he meets this other dog?
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