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Originally Posted by canyadoit View Post
What is the attraction to sch It is no longer a testing or proving ground How many physically test the dog to see if it quits and is a curr To me it is just a frilly sport
What use is a dog on trac with its nose planted on the ground Kinda works against the sent cone Do you let the dogs water scent but I doubt sch dogs do that
How come the decoy dose not evaid the dog
To me not real life scenarios at all
It's a fun sport. Many SchH prospect dogs have hips and elbows checked. And like someone else mentioned, it's not like police or military training. It's a sport. Something fun and interactive for the handler and dog to enjoy. I absolutely love the sport. It gives me a rush.
And if you are looking for something more "real life", you could try to get involved in personal protection training.


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