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I have done similar as what you are planning.

I did a test run in the backyard one night with the pup sleeping in the tent with us....a bit of uneasiness at first since it was a new experience but then she settled gave new meaning to a "pup tent".

At least for us, the pup was with us 24/7 when we went camping, which was fine and seemed to be common sense.

Now, we take her in the RV and she is completely at home and the same in the boat on the lake. When I am fishing, I put one of the seats down so she can just stretch out in the shade ( canopy in place ) and listen to my fishing stories.

I made a tether for her about 30 feet long, this was my bigger concern as she has never been tied out before. I used 20 feet of poly and then spliced in a 10 foot section of 3/8 bungee cord...figured it would "soften" the experience at first until she learned the ropes.

All in all, I think the test run in the tent in the backyard was a good idea and acclimated her to a degree....I'll bet the neighbor's got a kick out of seeing us "camping" in our suburbia backyard...

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