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Halting Halti fussing

I'm a first time GSD owner that needs some advice please. We got one and a half year old Dingo from the pound 2 months ago and we really struggle with her walks. She's has a strong prey drive and is quite aggressive toward other dogs. We've tried walking her with a harness, command collar, prong collar and about a week and a half ago tried a "Walk n train" which is similar to a Halti. When she doesn't fuss with it, it's a miracle worker and is fantastic. However, she just doesn't like the head collar and at least once a block, puts on her brakes and tries to pull it off with her paws or bites at it. Should I just be patient with her and keep trying it or switch over to something else. I would really appreciate any comments, we're both about at our wits end!

Thank you so much!
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