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How do i know if I'm making the best decision?

Hey everybody! The litter is 6 weeks old now and I finally get to pick a puppy! I told my breeder exactly what i was looking for and that i had preference for a male but would be happy with either. Now that they can start seeing personalities, there are two males that she thinks would fit the bill for what i am looking for in my new addition but they still have a few differences and i'm SO nervous that i might not make the right decision!
In the long run i'm looking for a dog that will happily meet new people and places and not be too skittish about everything in the world. I wanted medium drive with a good "off-switch" that would be comfortable laying around on the couch with me but is eager to play.
The two my breeder has picked out for me both have the medium drive i am looking for. One is a larger male that she described to me as being "more outgoing up front and the first to check out new things, with a love for toys and the most confidence out of the entire litter." the second male was described to me as being a "shy cuddle-bug that takes a few minutes to warm up to you and to play, but once he is comfortable with you, he would do anything to make you happy." She has sent me a few videos because due to a death in the family, i am unable to take the time to visit them in person. they both seem playful and happy. i am most thankful that they have been raised on a farm with lots of strange sounds and animals, as well as rambunctious children that like to pick them up and interact with them.
Would the more confident one be a problem because he has a bigger presence and isn't afraid of anything? Or would the shy one be the problem because he is less eager to play? I was told by different members of the breeders family over the phone that both love people and love to snuggle and chill out with them and that they are the most relaxed out of the whole litter.
I guess my question is, which would you choose? I'm sure the answer is probably obvious because its always recommended to pick a puppy that engages you first and makes eye contact, but if these two fit the bill, how do i know im making the best decision?

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