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again with the puking ....

Roxy has been checked out by vet-- no health concerns..panels ok -- xrays -- show nothing.

Random pukes -- of whole undigested kibble meals. It started at every 2 weeks almost like clockwork...then we had stretched to 4 weeks and I thought the changing to 2 times a day of feeding and adding some wet blue buffalo had done the trick ...also switched to strictly lamb and rice blue buffalo...

yesterday another puke ...this time it had only been 2 weeks since the last one and before that 4 weeks.

One added scene in this is that for the past few months Roxy has started to be skittish when the dishwasher is running. I have tried to time it to running it when we are headed out for hikes...that way it's done when we get home. Yesterday it was raining and there were all kinds of things going on here that were going to prevent the I started the dishwasher. The panting, the pacing , the being glued to my side started. It was about an hour after the dishwasher was done running that the puke happened.

Can things like that get a dog so worked up that they would puke? The vet doesn't seem concerned and said sometimes dogs will just puke and that as long as she's healthy otherwise it might just be something she does. He comments on how healthy she is every time we are in there.

When do I need to start being worried? I don't get cats throw up 3 or 4 times a week and we don't worry about it...the shepherd throws up and we all get crazy with worry
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