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I use corrections sparingly. I do have an "oops" marker that I use when my dog makes the wrong guess/choice when learning or training a behavior. Example: I tell my dog to stand, and she downs. "Oops" or "Uh-uh" and she tries again. She stands, "Good," "Yes!" or I click.

I recommend you search for Michael Ellis videos on YouTube, they're usually short, but I learned a TON just from those.

ETA - I know there are poeple on this board who have much more experience and knowledge than I do about marker training. I'm pretty new to it, and just use it for "fun" training with my middle aged fluffer-nut.

ETA again - I avoid corrections if I can, because my dog is super soft. (i.e. - referencing bad nerves, not her coat )

- Kayla

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