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Originally Posted by bga View Post
Hi Jdash,

I can't speak specifically to the UAE, but I know many overseas countries have a quarantine period when you first import the dog. Basically, the dog cannot go home with you for a certain period.

For instance, I believe the U.K. has a 6 month quarantine. You might want to check on this for the U.A.E.
The one upside to the UAE is that they don't have a quarantine period as long as you follow their procedures. That part is a relief.

There is import paperwork I have to procure regarding their health and the like and there are other requirements like they have to be microchipped. I've found the requirements and can work through those.

Then the most recent roadblock as I mentioned was being told that due to my big boy's size he may be to big for any traditional airline approved kennel.
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