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OP, I have done international travel with Titan when he was almost 2 yrs. I was stationed in Germany and got orders to FL. I am not sure all the restrictions and quarantine with UAE, though I could find out more info on that if you can't find anything. But it seems you are really just concerned with the travel, is that right?

Titan was in a Giant Kennel. Pretty sure that it was the biggest you could go in plastic crates. They really only need room to stand up turn and lay down. Depending on the airline you go through will depend on the restrictions, whether ear height is considered when inspecting the dog in the kennel.

You can talk to your vet about different calming solutions for the flights. I do not recommend any kind of tranquilizer but there are other methods. We used a pheromone collar that was meant for calming, and I believe we used benedryl... but I'm not convinced the benedryl worked or was even necessary.. lol.

As for the cost.. I wish I had a better handle on that and what is average. because I am military and he was moved on orders, they covered everything after my $200 deposit. I know for a fact it is way more than that, and at least $1500 would sound about right to me only because a plane ticket to that area is relatively that price give or take depending on season. That is also if you do a private company. If you do as cargo it should be cheaper. Delta does Cargo shipping, I have used them before when I bought a puppy from Utah.. though it was stateside, and it was just under $500. Call around.

You are NOT crazy, they are a part of the family and non-dog people do not understand that. Just keep at it and searching. If it comes down to it, do you have family or friends that could take them in the mean time?

Hope you get things figured out. I know international moves are stressful to begin with, but take a deep breath. Write yourself a list of things you need to do and check em' off as you go. Contact airlines directly and speak with them about your issue with the pet travel. Look into private companies as well if money isn't a huge issue. Also make sure you check the policy for bringing dogs in from the U.S. a lot of other countries have a pretty strict guideline on the process.


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