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Angry Shocked at the french GSD forum

Hi all,

Some of you may know us, we're the proud owners of 2 GSDs, one black and tanned Kailash and one blue Enakai. We live at the moment in France and we wanted to share our pics with french owners of GSDs.

We found a site where we introduced our babies, starting with Enakai, and Oh My God, i've never seen so many angry GSD owners in all my life

We have been attacked very aggressively that Enakai is not a german shepherd, that her pedigree given by the UK kennel club is pointless and doesn't mean anything and more specifically that the American Kennel Cub, Canadian Kennel Club and UK kennel club are even more PSEUDO SWEARING since they don't recognize the international standard!!

And even some members said about our dog that she was ugly and we should be ashamed, etc and the moderators didn't say anything (actually one of them said she was ugly) and when i said it's not right to say such a thing about puppies, i've been told by the moderators to accept criticism then finally blocked our post saying that blue GSDs is a shame and people need to be careful about people like me lying, calling our blue a GSD!!


I remember when I introduced my girl to you guys, I've been well welcomed, no one insulted my puppie and even if some of you didn't agree with blues, which i can understand, then none of you said to me that my girl is NOT a GSD and her pedigree is PSEUDO SWEARING or even that she is ugly!

So can anyone tell me if it's true that the American Kennel Club and Canadian and UK kennel club are actually not recognizing the FCI (international standards)??

PS: by far, this forum is the best GSD forum in the world!!!

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