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Guarding food, aggressive behaviour towards 6 yr old

My puppy is now 6 months old.. hes always been a little funny. And by funny I mean so many things startle him. On walks he barks at big rocks or newspapers on the ground and wont go near them.. he has always been very mouthy and when we play he will jump at me and bite or run after you and jump up as to attack.. but hes not trying to hurt me he does though because he is already so big. About 2 weeks ago my 6 year old walked by him when he was eating and he growled and showed his teeth. The the next day they were playing with a toy and she was taking it from him and throwing it for a good 10 minutes. She went to take it and said "drop it" (which he knows very well) and he showed his teeth, growled and bit her hand almost breaking the skin. She cant be anywhere near him or he tries to bite her when he is eating and now she cant even sit by him sometimes without him showing teeth. ( not every time but at least once or twice a week) He is NOT this way with anyone else. Everyone else can take his food or anything from him and he never does anything to myself or them. My husband is very upset and does not want the dog if I cant fix it.. I know that it probably has something to do with that shes little and he doesn't see her as a pack leader. I am always in the room with them she isn't allowed to be left alone with him. I also walk him for 25 minutes in the morning and another 25 minutes at night..we play in the back yard a lot as well. I need help before he hurts her... hes my dog and I love him and I want him to be a good dog. And like I said this just started he had been fine before.
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