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13 mo old pee errors

New to our home is a 13 month old GSD. Partially trained. Very sweet nature, intact male. Perfect on a leash on a walk. Has been with us for less than a week and there have been 3 pees on the hardwood floor. Today he had just been outside and had a long pee about 10 min earlier. He was playing with his kong and just walked to the middle of the room and peed. I was right there! He had on the e collar which he has been trained on so he got a little jolt (I saw him react). Then he went to his crate. We lost our 12 yo GSD only about 3 days before finding this dog. It was just odd timing, happened faster than we expected. I did thoroughly vacuum and wash all balls, toys beds before the new guy (Zorro) came home with us. Could he be marking? How do I teach him to ask to go out? Thanks for any suggestions.
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