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Back to the basics with 5 mo pup.

Havent been on the boards lately. Been a little tied up. But here is a little background on my GSD.

Some of you might remember me as the guy with the 7 week old pup that I brought into my parvo home. Well good news is she has survived and is now a 40lb healthy GSD.

7 Weeks old

5 Months (taken yesterday)

and one taken a couple weeks ago:

I was well into my training with her and she was catching on quite quickly. She learned sit, stay, down, shake, bark and roll over. I was also taking her to petsmart training classes which I used mainly for socializing. Well half way into all that training I had to go overseas so I had to bring my pup at 4 months to my brother in laws to board for 10 days. Which she lived there with 2 other dogs. I didnt want to leave her there because his way of training is the cesar milan way which I told him do not enforce his rules onto my dog. Which he accepted and said he will work with her on (trading up, crating and all other things I trained her on)

Well I got her back about 3 weeks ago and she is a terror and doesnt listen to anything. She doesnt come as fast as she used to, doesnt sit as fast, crate as fast blah blah blah. Also, has a attitude if you try to reprimand her or doesnt get what she wants. Total loss of engagement it seems like. So im working with her now to use manners and get back to the basics.

This whole week ive been limited in my training because of her spay and she had a hernia repaired so been with a cone for a week. Which the cone seems to have made one of her ears floppy. (hope it comes back up)

But what im looking for is tips on how to get her more engaged with me and use manners. Also. she has started barking at dogs like crazy now, when I take her for a walk she just barks at them. Is taking her to a dog park to get her play time with other pets a bad idea?

EDIT: Also, When we first got her back I gave her food and she growled at me when I approached her bowl. Im sure my bro in law used to take her bowl when she acted out with other dogs. But ive been working on that lately without pulling any bowl away. Every time I approach her now while eating I tossed a treat in her bowl and said "here you go" and walked away. The outcome. No more growling and she looks up at me expecting something now.

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