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Eosinophilla, parasites, allergies?

Tygo has been ill the last couple of weeks. A little back ground on my Dutchie... he has never had the most consistent poops, varying from good to pudding. Some time ago he started losing weight, and I did not really notice, thinking that it was just variation in the scales. Then he developed some vomiting, usually of water, and at the first sign of blood in his loose stools I took him in. He had dropped from 63 to 58 lbs. A couple of times he refused food, but an anti-nausea pill had him up and running.

Vet did a full work up and all results normal except for eosinophilla, a high level of a white blood cell often associated with parasites, drug reaction, and allergies. So Tygo has been through a week of metronzidole, amoxicillin, and was wormed with panacur. His energy and attitude are normal and high.

He has been off the medication for a week. His stools now tend to start out good but go way loose and in the morning he has 3 bowel movements all progressively looser. I am now in the process of shifting him slowly to Natural Balance Duck and Potato food (from TOTW Boar) and treats as a food trial. My intention is to do this for 12 weeks. I know it is not the best food out there but that is what I decided to do, given, unfortunately that he has been on so many different proteins out there. I am also giving him a probiotic and digestive enzymes. I have stopped fish oil for now.

I just wanted to see if anyone has dealt with this and any recommendations in addition to what I'm doing.

Thank you everyone.

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