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So Far This Year; 36 Pit Bull Attacks In Cincinnati.

Attacks by pit bulls are increasing in Cincinnati. Many of the pit bull attacks are related to illicit drug and other criminal activity.

So far in 2014 there have been 36 bites involving pit bulls or pit bull mixes. By June of 2013, there were 28.
Gruesome attack sparks debate on how to handle certain dog breeds | Local News - WLWT Home

Hamilton County Health Department data show 38 bite incidents involving pit bulls or pit bull mix breeds as of May 11, 2014. The data show 74 total pit bull bite incidents reported in 2013.
INTERACTIVE: Pit bull dog bite incidents in Hamilton County on the rise - Story

There is probably more that has not been reported.

IE: If someone tries to rip off a drug dealer, then the drug dealer sics pit bulls of the thief; neither party is likely to report the crimes, because they would implicate themselves in crime.

4 pit bills were shot by Cincinnati area police last week.

Even though pit bulls have the most documented attacks on humans; dog fighters and other criminals dishonestly argue that pit bulls are less likely to bite humans because of pit bull breeding.

Cincinnati police shot and killed a pit bull Sunday night after it lunged at them.
Pit bull shot, killed by police

The incident report states Galen directed his pit bull to attack a 57-year-old man, who was bitten in the hand.
Man charged after letting 'vicious' pit bull loose

These dogs were owned by individuals that were operating a drug trafficking operation right there on the street
Police: Pit bulls in attack that injured Zainabou Drame were guarding criminal operation - Story
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