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Counting days..15 to go !!

Yup tittle says it all 15 more days until i can actually live with my boy Ace.

Ace came home with me 3 weeks ago on Wednesday we had a welcome home party in my apartment.I had my sister, her husband and 2 kids also some friends to welcome home my new puppy. Everything was great , at night Ace didn't even cry . I turned off the light go in my room and he just fell asleep.

The next day , i was taking out Ace to pee and head to the leasing office to get my pet listed. It was my mistake that before i took my puppy home i only check the website and it only says 75 lbs weight limit. So the manager told me that GSD is restricted and he has to go in 24 hours. I was really sad ...i dont think i can take him back to the breeder.

I get online and search for pet friendly apartment.. got 1 !!!
So me and my GF went there and applied for 1 year lease. They only ban pits and rotties but there is a 50 lbs weight limit that they enforce only when renter sign contract. I explained to them that Ace will grow over 80 lbs. The lady that was helping me said its ok she wont tell anyone about it.So we went back to home and cancel our 6 month lease that we just renewed 2 weeks ago that will start on June. They said we need to give them 30 days to give time to put the property back in market, i said fair enough.

I needed to find a place for Ace... i asked co workers and friends. My co worker told me he can give Ace a place to stay until we can move to our new place yay !!! The only thing i'm worried is that he have a big Husky in the back yard and a maltese indoor ( i'm not worried bout the maltese).Also that my dog will live outdoor before he is done with his vaccination..then the mosquito...heat and the rain...and the fact that he live 11 miles away but i have no choice for now.

I dropped him there the next day and stay with him to make sure everything is okay...the big dog is very friendly ! Maybe he knows its just a puppy ( Unlike that leasing office ). I see ace everyday , pick him up and go to the park and chill there until work time then 2 days later another co-worker offer me help and he live closer to my place ..NICE ! And i moved Ace there.

Now he still live there and i still pick him up every day to hang out in the park with me until work time. Sometime i come at night take him home with me and return him back.. my co-worker sleep really late.
Every Wednesday i spend 12 hours with Ace cause the family babysit a 7 y/o with allergies to animal fur so he cant be there and i cant bring him home because he is restricted even for a visit. And that is where i'm going now to pick Ace up in 5 minutes.

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