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8-year old refuses walks...

Good morning! This is my first time posting here.... and I need some advice please.

Kaizer will turn 8 years old 7/13/14. And, for the past few months he has been refusing walks. He would go out, do his business, and then he'd turn around and would want to go home...

Last year he was neutered (I was hoping for puppies till last minute...), then after that he had back leg problems... but he's been on prescription diet and treats since then and seems to be doing much better - limping is gone completely...

He stopped being interested in playing and his toys couple of years ago, he no longer likes to fetch... this leaves walking as the only form of exercise... and I am not asking him to go on our 8 mile hikes as we did years ago - I know he can no longer do that... but at least a mile? What can I do to entice him? He looks so unhappy these days and it just breaks my heart and I don't know what to do to make him want to exercise! Please let me know what you think! Thanks
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