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Help! Puppy care during the day

Hi everyone, thank you so much for the awesome advice on these boards. I read a little every day and learn so much (and am comforted when I feel like I'm going crazy with my little one!)

Our little guy is 10 weeks old and biting up a storm. NO, OW, redirection all seem to not work. I know this is a phase (and we are starting training on Saturday), but is there anyone here who can provide some immediate advice on what to do with him during the day?

I took a week off work when we first got him but need to work now. My parents, who are senior citizens, have been taking care of them during the day but are exhausted chasing after him and getting bitten. I need to give them some relief.

Is it ok to keep him in the crate for most of the day with the exception of potty breaks? Someone will be at home; they just can't have him biting them and everything else in the kitchen (where we've set his boundaries).

I can take him out for a walk at night and play with him in the mornings before I go to work.

I feel really awful for putting my parents through this.
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