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Default letting pup know playtime is over?

Hi, just looking for advice on how to let a pup know enough is enough? it's easy enough when it's fetch or tug or whatever, but my girl has a particular love for her flirt pole. She goes nuts when it gets brought out and just won't accept when it has to go away. I think she'd keep going til she passes out if she could! I thought maybe using her favourite treats would help so when I went to take the flirt pole inside I said "no more" (I've consistently used that term and I'm pretty sure she knows what it means, maybe not?) and then handed her a treat from my pocket. She didn't even see the treat, looked around it at the pole and couldn't take her eyes off it. When I tried moving away she followed and kept jumping in the air grabbing at the flirt pole. She ended up nicking me on the finger accidentally.

I'm not sure how to penetrate her mind when she's like this? her love of the flirt pole has been a great help with her training, as she's not very treat motivated, but perhaps I should retire it? TIA
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