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Originally Posted by Ellimaybel View Post
Gunther only lifts his foot a little off the ground to pee. I have no issues with how he pees, but my husband teases about it saying he should be lifting his leg up to pee. I think it's funny and I really don't care either way, neither does my husband really. I'm just wondering, do neutered male GSD's normally lift their leg a little, a lot, or not at all to pee? What's normal and what's not?

Anything is normal. My current male still squats at 4 years old. I've had unaltered males squat and altered males lift. If everything else (frequency, ability to empty bladder, etc) is working as it should, it's really nothing to worry about. There's quite a bit of discussion on whether leg lifting is a learned behavior (I.e dogs who were never allowed to mark, etc) or what.

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