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I don't want to be a bummer, but I'm in my 50's, I still don't have a yard for Molly and I have crappy immediate neighbors. I struggled in evening classes and went back to school to get re-traiined, only to find I'd have to move a great distance after I graduated to find the training and type of job I wanted, which I cannot do.

You really need to change your perspective. For me - no yard = exploring the area around me where I can walk Molly either on or off leash. She doesn't care that she is on leash, this is actually my problem. Over the years we've found so many beautiful places within 10 miles of my home! You can't go out at night? Good, you stay home and save money on bar tabs, stay away from DUI drivers and guys that might not respect you.

You should do some serious research on where good paying jobs are, ask yourself if you can re-locate, and in the mean time, take some college classes, you might find something that will lead to better paying job or just a fun hobby. I went to school for nursing, but to me my most valuable and enjoyable class was modern art history. Only you are holding you back. Think out of the box.

Even with my dog, I've learned to change my perspective and look for the positive. When my dog was potty training, instead of looking at "accidents" as extra work and a mess, I saw this as an opportunity to keep my floors clean several times a week. As crazy as our start was with Molly, with patience and love she's grown into a great dog and a fun model for my daughter to practice her watercolor painting, and she's hoping one day to make a book out of Molly's life.
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