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Runny poo/sensitive stomach-best dog food?

I have a question. Our male german shepherd, 7 months, has had soft runny stools, we've been to the bet every two weeks, tried a bunch of brands, and the only thing that has worked so far is the prescription Royal Canine Gastro Puppy (?) the downfall is, a) it's a prescription, and b) it costs $40 for an 8lb bag that lasts 10 days...we feed our choc lab Canidae, we don't like low end dog food, but honestly, $120 a month for one dog for dog food is a bit much...has anyone had experience? Or have any recommendations on good foods? We've tried, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Blue Buff Basics, Canidae, Royal canine GD puppy, Wellness, and I'm sure I'm missing one...we've also tried using probiotics on his food as well as pumpkin, no luck. And all his tests have came back great...thank you all for any help!
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