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My puppy seems aggressive towards other dogs.

My 14 week old gs puppy has been showing some real "alpha girl tendencies". After spending some time today with our neighbor friend and her 5 month old gs puppy, I'm concerned. At first it seemed like she was barking only because I wouldn't allow her to be right next to the other dog. So I moved closer with her on the leash of course and she at first sniffed her out and did some playful puppy moves but then got very aggressive. She began biting her tail and growling, showing her teeth and just being very unfriendly. Finally the patient other puppy had enough and drew the line. My Fritska finally got the point and settled down but not for long. She started right back up moments later. Now like I said she is only 14 weeks old so she has had very little interactions with other dogs/pups except with her german shepherd family on the land she was bred and born on. We would really like to have her in some more formal schutzund training when she gets older so we are definitely wanting to break this not so nice behavior as soon as possible.
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