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Originally Posted by jocoyn View Post
Well, I told you I figured it might be too small..........

I've finally chosen a harness. Does anyone have pictures?

Do you not even have any overlap? ..........I had custom buckles and I imagine they would make it with custom (longer straps). ........ I guess they are shooting for the norm and between Malinois and GSD a 36 inch chest is pretty big.
Yea, I though I would have a bit of wiggle room. No overlap whatsoever :/
I order the harness with cobra buckles. One interesting thing is that mine came with a v-ring in the front as well, so it's like the Fight and Flight harness. I though that was interesting, because none of their pictures show that. The chest plate also has velcro for patches; another nice surprise.

Did yours have 2 v-rings? I wonder if it's something they added recently.
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