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Default Adding in some Organs

Hi all,

I am getting my puppy in less then 4 weeks and I have been looking at the different diets available. I know I want to feed raw and Orijen as a backup if I cannot afford/find the right RAW for my puppy... Around where I live we have an abundance of places selling the commercial raw stuff like Stella % chewy's, Bravo, etc.. After doing some math though it comes out to almost $4 a pound for that stuff.

I have a local butcher which also sells Raw mixes. They sell chicken, beef, turkey, and duck in 5lb rolls that are made up of 70% meat, and 30% bone. at $75 for 50lbs that's an amazing price in my book.

The only issue is everything I read said we need to add some organs into the mix. What is everyones recommendation for that approach. I heard I can go to the supermarket and get some then just throw it into the bowl with the other stuff, or I can buy some commercial supplements and add that into the raw mix as well.


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