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Default Ava, the baby whisperer

We just brought home our daughter Rosalie from the hospital last Wednesday, and although we were always confident that Ava would be a good big sister, she has truly surpassed our expectations right away. Ava is very protective of and concerned about her little sister; whenever Rosalie cries, Ava runs to check on her. If she coughs, Ava immediately nudges her cheek gently to make sure she's okay. We've noticed that Rosalie seems to like Ava, too. A couple of days ago we let Ava "hold" her for the first time, and Rosalie calmed down immediately!

Last night, after several hours of nonstop feeding and fussing, I placed the baby next to Ava on the bed, and she fell asleep right away! I don't know what kind of magic power Ava has, but I sure do hope it continues!!!

Ava Marie (4/3/2012)
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