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1 Year This Month Ownership!

This month marks ONE YEAR of my ownership of my dog, Lothar von Tirol. I cannot thank him enough for all of the memories he has helped create. All of the times he has helped drag me out of the darkness that has plagued me, and continues to burden me. Yet still, he manages to have a positive attitude and bring me outside of myself, and give me purpose. I didn't know how much of a difference raising a working line shepherd, and now working towards him becoming a service dog would make when I initially got him. I was really just looking for a furry friend to keep me company. Instead I was blessed with a savior, a mentor, a brother, a furry child, and a Healing Guardian. I am still struggling, but I am light years from where I was. I can only HOPE and DREAM to one day have the heart that Lothar has. If we loved, the way that dogs love us, imagine how great the world would be! Most of you won't understand the true meaning behind my feelings with this pup, and might think it's over the top. That's fine. However, I can tell you I have been through a lot of treatment options with the Army, and I HATE the fact that they only want to pump us full of medication. The biggest improvement I have seen in my life in recent years, has been the direct result of working with this dog and Healing Guardians. I cannot thank my family, my girlfriend, my dog, Healing Guardians, and everyone else involved enough for helping me through this. I have a purpose now, which I didn't feel I had I just need to come home.

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