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Originally Posted by wyowolf View Post
just wanted to share this, I was having some issues with my 12 week old land shark so I thought I would ask my Breeder. After all she trains these dogs for years so she should know. And this was a solution she gave that I havent seen anywhere that worked for me. None of the leave her alone and walk away did anything for me but this worked like a charm and i would never have figured it on my own...

Per her...

"As for play-biting – your son, or if he cannot do it than you, have to show her that this is not an acceptable behavior. Supervise her, wait for her to start doing this. Make sure that he doesn’t run from her. Say NO, walk up to her, take her by her head (like a mother dog would do, with your palm from above), and squeeze it. Do not lift her up or anything like that, just squeeze pretty strongly, to imitate her mother’s bite. Puppies have instinctive understanding of this, and if you do it right, you will only have to do it a couple of times and she will stop biting. It is more effective than any human-invented remedies such as re-directing, shouting, lifting her up or hitting her with newspaper : )"

Yes, just picture a nature show where you see the mother wolf with her pups. If they bite her too much, she will just take their entire head into her mouth and give it a good squeeze (never causing an injury though). So just use your palm in the middle of her head, where the mouth starts. As if you were to cover her eyes with your hand. Then squeeze from both sides to imitate a bite. It has to be strong enough where she will realize that you are not playing. But it will not hurt her really, it’s more playing on her instincts. "
That is exactly what i did and it worked for me

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