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Default Cholodin supplement for senior dogs (sometimes worth a try)

Cholodin is a supplement.

Dietary Supplements - MVP Labratories Inc.

Cholodin for Animal Use -

Supposedly -
What is Cholodin?
Cholodin is a chewable dietary supplement that helps remedy various conditions in senior dogs. It has been recommended by veterinarians for age-related problems, including fatigue, poor coat, constipation, inappropriate urination, poor appetite, and poor mental performance.
(from 1-800-pet meds website)

I don't load - I start at half dose to make sure it's tolerated, then go to dosage (or less).

Lots of reviews at online sellers' sites. Many vet offices carry it.

I started my 12 year old GSD on it and she seemed perkier - she's not having cognitive issues but has a touch of incontinence which it also seems to help a bit. I just ordered a larger bottle so the other younger-older dogs can have it as well.

Spending a little time will let you find better prices/cheaper shipping.

Always review side effects and any drugs/other supplements not tolerated together for anything you put in or on your dogs' bodies - supplement, medication or whatever.

(also, Anipryl is a medication for cognitive issues that people with senior dogs might want to check out)
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