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Sports Dog Type?

So I've been getting help viewing pedigrees (you know who you are, but not sure if you want to be mentioned or not) and this particular mating between . . .

Otto vom Lübarser Schlösschen

. . . And . . .

Vonclarz Zsofia - Owned by Alfred Ulbrich

. . . Are said to produce typical sporty types of dogs. What does this mean exactly? The breeder seems to think that this litter is exceptional and will suite all of my requirements, the litter can be anything you want it to be from sports, police, companion etc. The litter has been born and there are a few males available and, although I am not a fan of them, I did fill out the application form and had passed the breeder's test! I do like the looks of these dogs and they are fair priced and all, but what is a sporty type of dog?

There are other litters I like who apparently are better for my requirements but there is a major if there because I am looking for a male, and with these other breeders x number of males have already been booked before the birthing so I may or may not get a pup there. Knowing my luck, those litters will mostly comprise of females!
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