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Exclamation Behavior problems with strangers??

Hello, this is my first time owning a pure bred GSD and I dont know if his behavior is normal for his breed and if not I need some advice on how to correct it. Let me start off by saying my boys name is Kratos, he is 1 1/2 yrs old and I have had him neutered. As a puppy he was very loving, loved to meet new people and I could take him anywhere. In the past 4-5 months he has become aggresive with strangers. I cannot take him anywhere anymore without having a scene from him. I am thinking it has to do with me being pregnant and maybe he feels the need to protect me but he does this with my husband as well. When someone tries to get close he growls, barks , bares his teeth and all the hair on his back is standing up. I cannot take him to the groomer anymore, Its very hard for me to take him on walks. The funny thing about this is when you come into my home, he is all kisses and excited to meet you, even if you are on my porch. And other dogs, forget it!! Unless it is at a home and I am there but even then its very iffy and makes me nervous. I know he is supposed to be a guard dog and I absolutely love that about him but I figured he would be able to tell a threat from a friend. I dont know what to do anymore. Please help and thank you

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