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Thanks! I've been working with a trainer at sit means sit with my very timid fearful dog and they have helped a lot with her. She's a different dog three months later. I'm going to get him involved with them, but they don't start until 4 months. She's helping me with him as well, and once he has all of his vaccines I'll be able to start working on socialization with him.
I've had him since Friday and today is the first time I've actually worked with him. My current plan is to take five minutes at a time several times a day. We have done sit today, and also getting him used to the leash and come. I took two weeks off of work so that we could work on house training and set a good foundation for basic obedience.
I'll definitely look up some of those videos to see how to best do it. We aren't ready for heel yet, but I wanted to be sure I taught it right when the time came.
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